Before I started studying at Technical University of Munich (TUM) somebody told me that getting accepted is the easiest step. At that time I simply refused to believe it. I had really good grades at Czech Technical University (CTU) and even represented CTU internationally. Studying at TUM can’t be that hard, I told myself.

Overall Impression

The first thing I was surprised by was the amount of homework. In most of the courses we got homework every single week and while they were not mandatory (and they had a very little direct impact on the grade), not doing them would seriously hinder…

In this article, I’ve decided to analyze the results of the largest competitive programming contest in the world — ACM ICPC. International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is a team competition between universities. Teams of three people attempt to solve as many problems as possible. The team that solves the most problems in the shortest time wins the competition. Each year, teams compete in sub-regional contests. The best teams from sub-regional contests advance to the regional level and the best team from the regionals advance to the world finals.

The Ranking

I’ve analyzed the past ten year results to figure out which universities…

It was a year ago (summer 2019) when I was deciding what topic to choose for my bachelor thesis. At the time I was finishing an internship at the European Space Agency where I worked on mineralogical machine learning research¹. However, I also knew that at my university there is a lot of research with self-driving cars in collaboration with Toyota. While mineralogical research that could be possibly used in future planetary missions is very important, self-driving cars are not only exciting, but also tangible and presentable. So I contacted my former research supervisor from my university whether he had…

This article is most suited for individuals who would like to pursue a Master’s degree with a focus on machine learning/data science and need some guidance on their decision making. It highlights the best universities, their respective programmes, my experiences regarding the admission process, and the results.

Best Universities

Photo by David Jakub on Pexels

One year ago, I have decided to apply to the best universities across Europe. The first task was finding the best universities. The easiest way of doing so was through university rankings. While rankings can’t fully capture how good a university is, it is useful information for the initial screening. Based on three…

Pavel Jahoda

Machine Learning researcher and a student

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